Dr. Cristina Comartin

June 12, 2013

I have been using the non anesthetic dental cleaning treatments for approximately seven years now and they work great.  They are in no way intended to take the place of deep cleaning, extractions and radiographs that are all done during anesthetic dentals. They are an excellent complement to thorough dental care.  Once a deep cleaning is done with anesthesia, a follow up preventative cleaning is scheduled in 4 to 6 months to maintain the teeth in great health. Younger dogs with no major dental disease can be scheduled for non anesthetic dentals to prevent the tartar buildup and gingivitis.  They are to be used as we do with people, routine dental cleanings to prevent severe dental disease.  The non anesthetic dentals if started early in the life of our pets, followed  up with good home care can prevent a lot of problems in the future.  They are also a great alternative for the geriatric pet that has a greater risk with anesthesia. The advantage with the geriatric pet is greater if dental cleaning has already been instituted in the past when the pet was in good health.