Free educational speaking engagements provided to Dog/Cat Meetup Groups from PDS

Pet Dental Services has always strived to educate pet owners on the importance of Dental Care for their pets. We understand web content, facts and statistics are abundant and would like to offer your Meetup Group a representative from Pet Dental Services to come and speak at your next meeting in a fun, more personal and more informative setting.

Topics you can expect from our speakers:

  • Periodontal Disease and your pet
  • Dental Awareness and your pet community
  • Non-Anesthetic and Anesthetic Dental procedure options
  • Home Care and a Live Teeth Brushing Demonstration
  • Q and A session

Please contact a PDS representative to find out more on the scheduling and availability of our speakers. Thank you

Phone: (866) 534-3737
Fax: (949) 764-9079