Veterinarians and Staff

We currently work with over 600 veterinarians nationwide. Please contact us for more information and to set up a complimentary luncheon for your staff.

During the luncheon we will review with you and your staff:

  • Pet Dental Services Professional Outpatient Preventive Dental (POPD) program
  • Benefits of offering POPD’s to your clients
  • Info about our non-anesthetic dental hygienists
  • Our proven 11-Step POPD Protocol
  • Marketing services information
  • POPD specific materials such as client medical history overview, detailed dental chart for documentation and post- procedure client education materials
  • Oral exam charts
  • And much more…

Upon sign up a PDS representative will e-mail you an access code to our ‘Veterinarian’ section and contact you regarding additional information about our service.
 We respect your privacy and will not sell or give away your personal information.